Gail Kurpgeweit - Chef, President/CEO of Taste of Amazing, Catering & Foodservice Manufacturing

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Gail Kurpgeweit has been entertaining clients and their guests with creative, fresh and innovative menus since 2010. Whether preparing delicious food for catered events or developing compelling content for her and her client's food blogs, culinary magazines and cookbooks, Gail is passionate about sharing her love of food and creating an unforgettable dining experience.   

She provides copywriting services on a variety of culinary and foodservice industry topics, and is available to develop and test recipes and product formulas.    

Gail has created custom formulas for international foodservice manufacturing companies, including gluten-free recipe portfolios for baked goods and savory frozen meals sold in major grocery stores across the U.S.  The products created from her recipes are currently distributed through Kroger Foods, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Walmart and more. 

She is also an experienced Event Planner, Project Manager, B2B Copywriter and Executive Level Catering Management Professional


Gail Kurpgeweit served as the Director of Catering for Compass Group USA at The Boeing Company and in that capacity managed catering events ranging from 2 to 42,000 guests, from casual BBQ's to formal plated dinners for world leaders.  Prior to that role, she owned and operated a catering and foodservice manufacturing company, Taste of Amazing, serving major U.S. organizations including Microsoft, Boeing, Compass Group USA and several universities and hospitals.  

She now provides consulting services to foodservice and catering companies who are looking to improve efficiency, grow profitable sales and expand offerings, and is an active food writer and blogger.  




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Chef Gail Kurpgeweit is the owner of Taste of Amazing, a premier Catering company serving the greater Seattle area. Taste of Amazing Wholesale Division manufacturers prepared meals under USDA/FDA certification, and is currently in the process of obtaining GFSI certifcation. This division also provides "white-label" manufacturing services for other businesses looking to add prepared meals to their portfolio.